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Bits on a Friday

Zuanbie nation will be thrilled, Gregg Zaun has signed with the Orioles for a year at $1.5 million and an option year. As much as that web site is way over the top, I'm glad to see someone sign him.

And the Padres signed the scrappiest player to spend most of last season on our bench, David Eckstein to a one year, $850,000 contract. Looks like Padre manager Bud Black has drank the kool aid on him already:

"He's a good player and he's going to bring an element to our club that we need," Black said. "Offensively, he has the knack of getting on base. He's a great handler of the bat. The way he goes about the daily grind of playing baseball is going to be great for our younger service-time players to watch."

Though an $850,000 contract is a lot better than the one we signed him to. He will play second base for the Padres. 

And the Red Sox have giving Youk a 4 year contract extension for $41 million and change. 

The Jays....well we've signed no one.