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There is no Jay news so let's play a game of Who Am I?, an idea stolen from Twinkie Town, the Twin's blog on SBNation. Guess who each of the four is. The first three have ties to the Jays, the fourth one, has nothing to do with baseball, but then he is Canadian. First with a correct answer wins....well nothing. But have fun.

Who Am I?

‧I was signed as an amateur free agent by the Milwaukee Braves.
‧I was an All-Star with the Padres when I hit 29 homers.
‧I became a hitting coach in 1982

Who Am I?

‧My nickname came from my ability to get away from defenders on the basketball court.
‧I am franchise career leader in Power/Speed Number.
‧I finished my playing career playing for the Yomiuri Giants.

Who Am I?

‧I was a rule 5 draft pick up from the Astros.
‧I finished my career with the Cardinals after two years with the Rangers.
‧I am mostly remembered for a ball going thru my legs. No I'm not Bill Buckner.

Who am I?

‧I am a member of the Order of Canada.
‧I studied Jazz at Hollywood's Westlake College of Music.
‧I wrote a song about moving to Alberta and sang it at the opening ceremonies of the Calgary Winter Olympics.