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Community Player Projections

The smart folks at Beyond the Boxscore have started a 'Community WAR Project' to have the sites at SBNation project the performance of all 30 teams player by player. So our little assignment is to come up with projections for the Jays. Hugo and I came up with initial projections and we'll share them will you all and you can tell us where we are wrong. Together we'll come up with what we think the Jays will do this season. It will all go on a big spreadsheet that has all the teams on it. Then we'll have some predictions about how the teams will finish the season.

Anyway today we'll start with our starting pitchers. What we need is number of innings each starter will pitch and what ERA they will finish with. Hugo and I argued back and forth a bit and came up with this for our starters:

Player                      Innings Pitched           ERA

Roy Halladay                 230                         3.20

Jesse Litsch                 180                         4.00

David Purcey                 170                         4.55

Dustin McGowan          120                        3.90

Casey Janssen            130                        4.15

Matt Clement                  30                         5.50

Scott Richmond             50                         4.75

Rickey Romero              40                         5.50


So let us know where we are wrong. Some parameters are that we want to end up at about 940 innings from the starts. This adds up to 950 innings so we are close. I figure with Cito our starters will pitch a few extra innings. Anyway let us know what you think and later in the week we will look at the relievers and then the batters sometime after that.