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What Moment Do You Remember Most From Last Season?

I had planned on doing a top ten memorable moments from last season. But I thought instead why not ask you all to share the moment of last season that stands out most in your mind. It could be a game, an at bat, an inning or maybe an off the field moment, a trade or an interview. Or whatever you like. It can be a good or bad moment for the Jays.

Mine? It came back in April, I looked it up, April 16. The Texas Rangers were in town and the Jays had tied the game with 3 runs in the 8th inning. The game was still tied in the top of the 11th when Brian Wolfe, who pitched a 3 up 3 down 10th inning, gave up a single, a ground rule double and intentionally walk one to load the bases.

Jesse Carlson came into the inning with the bases loaded, no one out. Carlson had only been with the team for a week and this was his 5th appearance with the team, we didn't know much about him. I was hoping he could get out of the inning giving up just one run. Adam Melhuse was his up and Jesse struck him out. Marlon Byrd came into the game as a pinch hitter and Jesse got him swinging. David Murphy got him swinging too and we were out of the inning. That was my moment.

Carlson threw two more shutout innings and he got the nickname Cy that day. We didn't win the game, Burnett came in the 14th inning with the game still tied, but had nothing having started just a couple of days before and we lost 7-5 but Carlson became a favorite of mine that day. He didn't do anything to change that the rest of the season.

Update: should have put in a link to the baseball-reference game log of this game. Here it is.

Anyway share your favorite most memorable moment from last season.