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Bits on a Friday

Richard Griffin had a rambling article this morning, I guess the point of which was that the Jays should trade for Jack Cust, but along the way there was a few interesting little bits. Among them:

Here's an idea that might already have been discussed by Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi and his good friend Billy Beane, the A's GM.

See the word 'may' in there? May is a great word. Richard there can say anything he wants and throw that word out and it doesn't matter if he has any information. So he can make any silly suggestion and give it credibility by saying 'it may have happened'.

The left-handed-hitting Cust is the type of player Ricciardi admires.

Yeah, he's the type of play JP admires, he's basically a poor man's Adam Dunn, but then no word on whether he hates baseball or not. Cust hit .231 with 33 homers and 111 walks last year. Dunn hit .236 with 40 home runs and 122 walks. Cust will get $2.8 million next year, Dunn is a free agent. Who knows what he'll sign for this year? Dunn can play the outfield, Cust can play the outfield, sort of

Anyway Griffin feels we should trade the surplus we have of middle infielders, left handed relievers and ummmm catcher to get Cust. You figure Bautista, Tallet and Thigpen is the package Billy Beane wants for Cust?

Also in the Star there is a story that Mark McGwire's brother Jay is writing a book in which he says he injected Mark with steroids. How much money is the man getting for running his brother over with a bus and then throwing it into reverse and running over him again. I mean I'm not terrible close to my brother but I wouldn't say that. Not that I would inject him......with steroids.

And to the Drunks, thanks, love you too.....