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Community Player Projections, Starting Pitchers Redux

It seems the over whelming opinion is that we were too optimistic with our original projections so we'll try these revised guesses and see what people think.


                      Innings       ERA

Doc                220             3.30
Litsch            180             4.10
Purcey           160             4.60
Dustin           120             4.20
Janssen       130             4.20  
Clement          30             5.50
Richmond      30              5.00
Romero          30              5.50
Cecil               50              3.90

With what JP said at the season ticket holder's meeting about Janssen I almost feel we should up his number of innings, but let's wait till closer to the season. I have doubts now that Clement will pitch at all for us, but let's leave him in. Dropped 10 innings from Doc even though I'd bet, with Cito as manager, he'll be in the 250 range. Took a few innings from everybody and gave them to Cecil who wasn't included before. Again, from what JP said, I think it's likely we'll see him this season. Pushed just about everybody's ERA a little, McGowan more than a little.

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