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Numbers of Canadians in the Major Leagues by Province

Or subtitle: There Is Really No Jay News.

In the World Baseball Classic comments there was a side discussion about what province produces the most baseball players. So a few minutes and the help of, here are the numbers:

Update: I messed up the numbers, counted the pitchers twice. There have been 215 Canadain born major leagues. Two whose place of birth was unknown beyond 'Canada'. These numbers are, hopefull, right

Ontario                115
BC                          27
Quebec                 25
New Brunswick   15
Nova Scotia           9
Saskatchewan      7
Alberta                    8
Manitoba                 4
PEI                           2
Newfoundland       1

This is all time numbers. Hmmmm I suppose it would be more interesting with the relative populations of the provinces. Well go look it up yourself. Ok, 2008 there were 33 million of us Canucks. Population of Provinces in Thousands:

Ontario                           12,929
Quebec                            7,750
BC                                    4,381
Alberta                             3,585
Manitoba                         1,208
Saskatchewan               1,016
Nova Scotia                        938
Newfoundland                   507
Prince Edward Island      139

So I guess the question is why so few from Alberta? I guess all our kids become engineers, how sad (kidding, kidding, I am proud of my boy). New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan all seem to do well.

Anyway, that's how I wasted an hour today.