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Community Projection - Alex Rios

So last week we looked at projections for the starting pitchers for the huge major-league-wide Beyond the Box Score Community WAR Projection Project.  That felt like a lot to bite off at one time, so let's do the position players one by one.  First, let's kick off with Alex Rios, who had a power drought in the first half of 2008 but turned it on after the break, slugging .540.  We need you to project at-bats, and the Average/On-Base Percentage/Slugging Percentage line, as well as defensive Wins Above Replacement (generally between -1.5 and 1.5) but feel free to project counting stats like HRs, steals, and doubles as well and anything else you want to.

At the end of the season, we'll revist and award a √-1 prize to whoever comes the closest with their projection. 

So let's hear it: What's the AVG/OBP/SLG for Alex Rios in 2009, and how many at-bats will he get?  Finally, how many fielding wins will he be worth above replacement in the outfield?