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Community Projection: Adam Lind

Adam Lind got off to an inauspicious start in 2008 with the Jays, but when he was recalled he hit a ton.  Things tailed off for Lind at the end of the season, though, particularly in the power department.  All told, Lind ended up with a .282/.316/.439 line, with 9 home runs and 20 two- and three-base hits over 348 plate appearances.   What's the AVG/OBP/SLG line for Adam Lind in 2009, and over how many plate appearances?  Feel free to project HR and doubles and whatever else you want, too.  

As we're being told that Lind is going to be the primary DH, you don't need to project fielding, but if you think he's going to have substantial time in the field, go ahead and do so.