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Wow, I'm So Sorry

What a surprise! I disappeared, again. I can't even believe what happened. You guys know how I'm positioned in Florida during the off-season because I write for a newspaper down there as the Beat Writer for the Jays. Well, nothing was wrong with that. However, I decided to sell my house in Florida so I could get a slightly bigger one, and that was just a nightmare. The people I was working with were just horrible. Luckily, after a long time, I found somebody to buy my old house, and I found a new house. So it's all good now, I'm back, permanently, barring anymore bad luck. Like you guys, I'm counting down the days for Spring Training to start.

If you guys wanted, I could try and get some pictures of my new house up on the blog soon. It really is an upgrade on my old house. Anyways, I hope to get caught up with all of the happenings here at the blog, and I'll have a post soon.