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Discussion Time: DH

As Tom and Hugo pointed out earlier today, two of the options the Jays had for DH signed with other teams today, with Pat Burrell signing with the Rays for two years and $16 million, and Milton Bradley inking with the Cubs at three years and $30 million. In my personal opinion, DH is one of the most important pieces in the Jays lineup, especially if Wells can't hit 30 homeruns, or Rios can't hit 25+ HR. They need some offensive power to fill that spot in the middle of the lineup. It doesn't sound like Riccardi is willing to try and sign Manny Ramirez, so what would you guys do? To be honest, I would sign Manny. He may not be a Gold-Glove outfielder, but he wouldn't be playing in LF, he'd be DHing. Also, Manny is one of the more popular players in the MLB, which could fill some seats at the Rogers Center. And I'm pretty sure the Jays Manager Cito Gaston could control Manny. Joe Torre could control him, Terry Francona couldn't. Maybe Manny respects more seasoned managers. Who knows? You're never sure with Manny.

So post your thoughts here. What should the Jays do with their open DH position? Sign Manny? Sign another free agent? Promote someone within to DH? It's your call, guys.