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Those Wheat Prices Kept on Dropping Till it Was Like We Were Getting Robbed / Frankie Came Home in '68 and Me, I Took This Job

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I'm mining Springsteen's Nebraska again (the great song Highway Patrolman) but in MLB it is DH prices that keep on dropping. 

Fresh off the Rays 2 year, $16 million dollar signing of Pat Burrell, the A's have apparently reached agreement with Jason Giambi for a 1 year deal worth $5.25 million.  There is an option for 2010 with a $1.25 million buyout, so Giambi will be guaranteed about $6.5 million.

I don't count myself a Giambi fan, but this is quite an affordable deal.  Giambi hit .247/.373/.502 last year for a nifty 128 OPS+, with 32 home runs in only 458 at-bats.  And yet he's taking over an $18 million dollar paycut from last season, where he made $23.5 million. I know he hasn't exactly been a picture of health from year to year, but still.

With the baseball market in this situation, you've got to think we can acquire someone with a little stick, no?   With yet another suitor off the market, the economy not getting any better, and the days ticking by, the likes of Abreu and Dunn could be getting a little lonely right about now.