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What Happens With JP?

With all of the big signings going around throughout the league, and the Jays being responsible for none of them, they have to consider axeing Riccardi, in my opinion. He seems content with watching all of the big names signing else where, and won't even make a play for a DH. It's extremely frustrating for a fan, not to mention a beat writer. Riccardi won't talk to anybody (but in all fairness, we haven't haven't had the initiative to talk to him, anyways). The Jays have to do something this off-season, or did JP forget they finished fourth in the division last year, with Wells leading the team with a mere 20 homeruns.

I can guarantee you one thing; as soon as I land in Dunedin in February, and I'm sure I speak for the rest of the beat writers here when I say JP's gonna be peppered with questions and second-guessings.