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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving. For those of you on the south side of the border, we have our Thanksgiving earlier than you, harvest would come earlier here, I guess would be the reasoning. According to my morning newspaper, and someone that was showing off his knowledge of trivia last night, the first Thanksgiving in Canada was in 1578. Explorer Martin Frobisher (sounds like a name Stan Lee would come up with) celebrated landing in what would later become Newfoundland with a ceremony to give thanks for surviving the trip across the Atlantic. Frobisher Bay was named after him. 

Anyway I have lots to be thankful for, life is good. My Family is all healthy and doing well. I'm lucky to have a wife that still puts up with me all these years later and have three boys that make me proud and keep me laughing. I am also fortunate to have friends, for which I'm thankful.

And I'm thankful for getting to play on this site. It has been great fun. It has also been great fun getting to know Hugo, who might be the smartest guy I know, but is clearly the nicest. And the same getting to know Jessef, it has been great and enlightening to read his posts. Hopefully next year we can work it out to actually meet in person.

I am thankful for the people that read the site. Our numbers this season were much better than last year, which makes things so much more enjoyable. I am thankful for the quality of the comments too. I read comments at other sites and think how lucky we are that our commenters are friendly, knowledgeable and bring a lot to the site. I learn every day. Even when we disagree I like hearing other opinions and I'm glad to be reminded that baseball isn't just math, that there is more than one answer to every question. 

I'm thankful for the fanposts and fanshots, they have been terrific. I'm thankful for emails we get commenting on the site, making suggestions or just saying hi. It's great to meet folks reading the site. I'm even thankful for the odd email we get from irate Yankee or Red Sox fans, taking me to task for daring to say something less than positive about their teams. Mostly I'm thankful that it reminds me how lucky I am to be a Jay's fan.

And I am thankful for the Jays. It might not have been the most successful of seasons but I enjoy watching the games and like the players on the team.

Tell us what makes you thankful.