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Congratulations Angels

A terrific Angels/Red Sox game today. The Angels were down 5-2 going into the 8th inning and got a couple of runs. Francona brought Johnathan Papelbon in for the shot at a 4 out save. Red Sox scored 1 in the bottom of the 8th so they were up by 2 going into the 9th with Papelbon who hadn't given up an earned run in playoff ball in his life up until that point.

But after getting 2 quick outs Erick Aybar singled, Chone Figgins walked and Bobby Abreu doubled off the monster to score 1 run. For those that want the Jays to sign Jason Bay, I refer you to his throw somewhat towards the cut off man on this double. He missed everyone but fortunately for him it didn't cost them.

Then, in the most puzzling managerial move of the year not made by Cito Gaston, Terry Francona decided to walk Torii Hunter intentionally to pitch to Vladimir Guerrero to load the bases. I can't understand it, Vlady wasn't amazing this year but he's still a great hitter. Pitching to him with the bases loaded and the tying run at 3rd wouldn't be my first choice. Vlad hit the first pitch to center to bring home the tying and go ahead run.  Jacoby Ellsbury really is a poor CFer isn't he? I thought a good CF would have made the catch or made a decent throw to the plate if he didn't make the catch. Ellsbury was playing too deep and his throw towards home was really weak. 

Papelbon left the game to boos, which makes me wonder about Red Sox fans. I mean, I dislike the guy, but he's had a heck of a career for the Sox. Yeah he's a jerk but he's your jerk. How do you boo him? But then, it couldn't happen to a better guy and if he learns a little humility from this, it would be a good thing. 

Now Terry Francona? It just seemed like a dumb choice to walk Hunter. I hate walking a guy to load the bases, at the best of times. I think it's dumb to take your pitchers focus off the strike zone and forcing him into a spot where he has to throw strikes. But to walk a guy to face Vladimir Guerrero? Oh well.

Congratulations Angels. Now if the Twins could just take 3 games in a row, life would be good. Maybe the Karma Gods could work for them after that dreadful foul ball call in the last game? How you miss that call when you are only 20 or so feet away just amazes me. Especially when you are just in the game to make those calls.