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Give us your Picks for the ALCS and NLCS

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No one picked all four first round series right, Ms_Canuck and Worth91 each picked the winner of three of the four so congratulations to them.

So let's try the same with the Championship Series. Give us your winners and number of games. Phillies and Dodgers start tomorrow at 8:00 Eastern in LA. Angels and Yankees start Friday at, well it says 7:57 Friday on the MLB website, in New York. Strange start time.


While you are thinking aobut who you expect to win take a look at a new SB Nation site, Front Office Fans is a group of people that want to raise money to buy a sports team, a minor league, likely indepant league team and run it through fan votes. So if you always wanted to be an owner of a sports team go over there and take a look.