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It isn't easy writing about the Jays, everyday, with, you know, NO NEWS TO TALK ABOUT. I mean, take today, the closest to Jay news is that Bob Elliot spoke to Alex Anthopoulos. Sounds promising. Heaven knows I have like 40 questions for Alex. But with the Sun's wonderful format of tiny bits of story to fill the spaces between the ads, you get this about Rod Barajas and Marco Scutaro:

"We like both players," said Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos. "We'd like to bring them both back."

Can the Jays afford to bring them both back?

Antopoulous won't know his team budget until later this month.

"Like I said, we like both players and they are both important positions, but we can't make a bad deal," the rookie GM said from Toronto.

So we have an almost Hall of Fame writer speaking to our new GM and we get 'we like both players'. It really is a sin that guys like Richard Griffin (and, well, me) get to ramble on and on and a superior writer like Bob Elliot gets a handful of words between the ads for strip clubs and tire sales. Oh well, you can read more from Bob at the Canadian Baseball Network and he has several books out.

And what's even a bigger sin? That this is the closest to worth talking about as far as the Jays are concerned, that we have. Can you see it? CBC interrupts their Coronation Street reruns to bring us: "Breaking News. The Jays would like to sign their free agent catcher and shortstop. Do we have film? No, no film on this. That's it? We annoyed the 7 people watching Coronation Street for that? OK. We return you to you show, to catch you up, Des has just asked Audrey for a pint of bitter."