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The Players are Revoting

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Update again: Mike Wilner is saying that at least 10 players on the team don't like Cito. And I've retitled it because, well that should have been the title in the first place.

The Globe and Mail has picked up this story from the Canadian Press saying the players are unhappy with Cito Gaston. I don't know, I'm not in the locker room, but I tend not to believe stories that quote anonymous sources. He's managers and some players aren't going to like the manager no matter what he does but you never know.

Sources from all areas of the organization have told the Canadian Press the dysfunction currently crippling the Toronto Blue Jays front office extends all the way down into the clubhouse, where there are major problems in the relationship between the players and Gaston.

What does problems in the front office have to do with problems between the players and the manager?

Those who agreed to talk to the Canadian Press about the friction between the manager and his players would do so only if their names weren’t used. Some players wanted to speak to senior team officials first - and to avoid the news leaking at home in front of a large media contingent -before putting their names to the complaints.

So if they won't let their names be used, you really don't have a story. All teams will have unhappy players. I'm sure Randy Ruiz is not trilled at how he's been used. That falls short of 'everybody'.

One player said there was simply "constant negativity" coming from the manager’s office, while another noted that Gaston once said "there aren’t any good players in here." Also at issue is Gaston’s hands-off, in-game decision making — a criticism that dates back to his first tenure as manager from 1989-97.

Yeah well he is 'hand-off' in game, no doubting that. I'm not sure why players would have a problem with that, go up and take your rips. 

The problems are so deep that when one player was asked how many others felt the same way, he replied: "Just about everyone."

Yeah I'm going to take the word of an anonymous player that everyone hates Cito. Guess what? All players that are unhappy with the manager will tell you that everyone hates him. Especially when it is an anonymous quote, they know no one can come back at them. Do you believe it? I sure don't, I'm sure some guys love him. 

The frustration has boiled over to the point that one group is considering going to Blue Jays president Paul Beeston with their complaints during the team’s final road trip this week.

But since none of the players knew who he was or where to find him, that plan was quickly abandoned. 

From Cito:

"If they’re unhappy, they have to look at themselves, because I certainly treated everybody in a way that I’d like to be treated as a player and how I’d like my manager to treat me. If they’re grumbling, they’re grumbling because they didn’t do their jobs. They had opportunities."

I wish Cito would quit using that 'I treat players how I wish I was treated' line. He treats some of the players how he would have liked to be treated, others he ignores and hopes they'd go away. You think he treats Randy Ruiz the way he would have liked to be treated? Randy has done everything a team could want since coming up and yet he plays only on blue moons. 

One of my problems with Cito is that he thinks because he puts out the veterans everyday, and leaving them out there, that everyone is happy with him. He forgets there are guys on the bench. Totally forgets there are guys on the bench, like when an obvious pinch-hitting moment comes along, he doesn't even realize there are players there that could do that. Fortunately enough, at the present, there are no players on the bench.

Anyway, I don't know about these stories, they always seem to me to be written by someone that doesn't know anything about baseball and does understand that on baseball teams, some players aren't going to like the manager, just like at every job someone is not going to like the boss, and they will always tell you that everyone hates the manager, because it makes their view point sound stronger that way.

Is Cito loved by everyone in the locker room, of course not. I would bet that there has never been a manager that was universally loved by all his players. The problem is that there are 25 men on a roster but only 9 or I guess now 10 can play at a time. So you have 10 happy guys and 15 that think they should be playing. 

Update: similar story is in the Star, though mostly it seems to be quoting from this one. And so does the Toronto Sun. I love this line:

Some of Gaston’s lineup decisions, most notably the sitting of Lyle Overbay and Adam Lind against most lefthanders has also raised eyebrows. The continued use of Kevin Millar, who has no future with the team, is also a head-scratcher.

No kidding, the use of Kevin Millar is a head-scratcher. Haven't we been saying that since spring training?