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Would You Fire Cito Gaston?

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Last week in his 'Mail Bag' Richard Griffin suggested that Alex Anthopoulos should fire Cito. I ignored it at the time because he suggested Buck Showalter as the replacement on the fairly flimsy evidence that Alex had talked to Showalter at some time. Now I'd love Showalter to be hired as the manager of the Jays. He has built winners where ever he has been and he is a very forward thinking manager, he isn't tied to the old way of doing things. He would be a very high profile choice, he'd get people talking about the Jays again. But the thought that Anthopoulos would hire him because they had talked once seems like a stretch.

Another candidate that I'd like the team to consider is Brian Butterfield. Brian's been with the team since 2002, is well liked throughout the baseball world and is liked by the Jay players. He's been given lots of credit for teaching Orlando Hudson and Aaron Hill, among others, how to play defense. He knows the team and has managed in the minors so he has experience. And seems like a good guy.

Actually Griffin didn't just say Cito should be fired, he said:

There are three options available for Anthopoulos to correct the obvious clubhouse dysfunction that surfaced on the final weekend in Baltimore: 1) Replace Cito Gaston and therefore, with him, third base coach Nick Leyva and batting coach Gene Tenace; 2) keep Gaston as manager and replace Leyva and, perhaps, Tenace; 3) Replace pitching coach Brad Arnsberg with someone from within the organization that knows the young starters.

But, to me, option 2 has no chance, Cito would quit before allowing Tenace or Leyva to be fired. And option 3 would be just stupidity. After a season where Arnsberg performed magic with pitching staff made up of Doc and 64 rookies, it would be more than unfair to fire him. Just for the work he did with Ricky Romero alone, he should be guaranteed his job for the next few years.

So if Griffin is right that one of those 3 'options' has to take place, the only one that makes is firing Cito. But then I'm not sure I buy his premise that one of those things has to happen. I think it is just as likely that things, with the coaching staff, stay status quo for the off season. Of course, I have my opinions about Cito, I'm clearly not his biggest fan. If you haven't seen enough of my feelings about Cito, you are obviously new to the site. Welcome. Join in, the more folks commenting, the more fun it is.

Cito has said that he won't manage beyond this coming season, which would make him a lame duck, so if you did have what you thought was the perfect replacement for him, why wait? On the flip side, I wouldn't be surprised if Cito changed his mind if things went well. He did do an amazing job with Adam Lind, is it possible that he will take the same interest in Travis Snider this year? It would be tougher to walk away from the team if the future looked bright.

So I figured I'd ask you guys, should Cito be fired? We'll put up a poll but use the comments area to let us know what you think, remembering that we like to keep the language PG around here.