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Week 6 NFL Pool Results

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The was a strange weekend of football, of course any weekend that Oakland wins is strange. As a group we did terrible. Only one of us got more than half the picks right, Carm. Congratulations Carm. So she's the first to have two wins on the season. The rest of us? Well, time to give up on the idea of being professional gamblers. Craig in Calgary did get 7 or 14. Jlahey and I each got six. Low score on the week was  Aagoodfella. 

On a side note, I usually change all the spreads so they are none of them are whole numbers so there can't be any ties, this week I missed one, Cleveland at Pittsburgh had a 14 point spread. Pittsburgh won by 13. 

The Oakland game had a very funny moment, if you missed it a pigeon played on the kickoff coverage squad: