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Bill James Player Projections, Part 2

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Part two of our look at the Bill James Player Projections for our Blue Jay players. These come from  the Bill James Handbook, that will come out soon from  ACTA Sports.

Edwin Encarnacion 259/.343/.465/.808 28 doubles, 21 Hr, 5.4 RC/27, 64 Runs, 69 RBI, 129 G

I'd be quite happy with this from Edwin if he plays a decent 3B. He looks to have a strong arm, I'm thinking with help from Brian Butterfield through spring training and we'll have a good player there. Or it is possible I'm kidding myself.

Randy Ruiz 294/.352/.517/.869 13 doubles, 9 Hr, 26 Runs, 31 RBI, 6.55 RC/27, 55 G

Totally impossible to predict what will happen with Ruiz. If Cito is still manager, I doubt he'd play this much. Cito doesn't like Lind in LF so Ruiz wouldn't be able to DH and he doesn't like Ruiz at 1B. If we get a new manager, you never know. Also if we sign someone life Jason Bay there isn't a role for Randy. He's not going to be a star, but I don't think he'd be any worse defensively than Kevin Millar was. I do have a feeling he will be up and down a few times next year, the team doesn't ‘have to worry about option years at his age.

Adam Lind  .305/.364/.542/.907 43 doubles, 31 Hr, 7.34 RC/27, 90 Runs, 113 RBI, 153 G

They think last year's play is his new level of ability. I figured there would be a little hedging of bets but I'd take that season from him.

Vernon Wells .271/.327/.443/.769 33 doubles, 19 Hr, 5.07 RC/27, 77 Runs, 77 RBI, 144 G

So they see a little bit of a bounce back year. Not as big a comeback as we'd like but about where I'd guess.

Jose Bautista 241/.335/.409/.744 21 doubles, 13 Hr, 4.52 RC/27, 51 Runs, 48 RBI, 121 G

Numbers much like this year's. If he's a Jay I hope he doesn't play that much. Again it would likely depend if Cito is the manager, Cito liked him a lot. I'd like to think we could do better in RF.

Travis Snider 275/.357/.493/.850 33 doubles, 19 Hr, 6.21 RC/27, 82 Runs, 90 RBI, 141 G

I'd be really happy if Travis has this sort of season next year, a few more homers wouldn't be bad but would be a good season for him. He will only be 22 next year

Just to look at a couple of former Jays:

Scott Rolen .278/.357/.442/.799 35 doubles, 14 Hr, 5.48 RC/27, 72 Runs, 75 RBI, 127 G

If that's the over/under on games played for Rolen I'll take under. They have a good year predicted for him at age 35.

Alex Rios .278/.332/.445/.777 36 doubles, 16 Hr, 5.21 RC/27, 79 Runs, 73 RBI, 149 G

I'd take the under on everything there but could easily happen. That would be a good season if he plays CF.