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Yankees Win, The World is a Sad Place

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Well, that wasn't a fun game. Angels lost more than the Yankees won but that's life isn't it. You grow up being told that the good guys win and then you grow up to find out that, in real life it doesn't work that way. 

The Angels made more stupid mistakes in this series than you'd expect a playoff team to make. Tonight, Vladimir Guerrero decides to run off first base on a short fly out to RF and he got doubled off. I can't imagine what he thought he was doing, there was no chance the ball wasn't going to be catch. But off he went. Reminded me of Alex Rios.

Then, in the 8th, the Angels screwed up two sacrifice bunt plays in a row. Robinson Cano walks. Nick Swisher bunts. The nice part about the bunt, for the defensive team, is the offensive team is trying to give you an out. The most important thing in baseball is outs. You only get three an inning. So when the other team gives you one, take it. But no, Kendry Morales drops the throw to first and the Yankees have runners on first and second with no outs. All series long Tim McCarver told us what a great first baseman Morales was because he had a 'great arm'.  But really all a first baseman has to be able to do is catch throws and he dropped an easy one at a bad moment.

Then Melky Cabrera bunted and again the Angels wouldn't take the out the Yankees wanted to give them. This time Scott Kazmir fielded the ball and then flipped it high over first. The two bad bunts cost the Angels two runs and any real chance they had to make a comeback. 

Anyway, the Yankees won in 6 games and the Phillies won in 5. So the ones who picked the Yankees and Phillies to win were JohnnyG, Jesse Taylor, Remo and Blue and White Expat. The one closest to picking the number of games in each was JohnnyG who picked the Yankees n 6 and the Phillies in 6, so he only missed by one game. Good job Johnny.

The World Series starts Wednesday, so give us your pick for winner and number of games and, hmmm, how about runs scored in the last game.