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Tuesday Banterings

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I've been wanting a better name for our occasional linkfests, so let's go with Banterings until something better comes along.

I've put myself on the DL with a twisted ankle. Rolled it yesterday afternoon. Last night I could walk on it ok but today it is hard to get around on and it is turning a lovely shade of black. I think it is going to be a sit on the couch day. Fortunately I recorded all 6 parts of the new Monty Python documentary series. Each of the living members talk about the group's history and what I've seen was pretty good. They asked a bunch of people what their favorite bit was, mine is still the 'Parrot Sketch', but the Philosophers Soccer game is funny too. What is your favorite Python bit?

Actual baseball stuff after the Jump

In spite of what has been said many places the Jays aren't going to go after Cuban Aroldis Chapman:

Part of general manager Alex Anthopoulos' vision is helping the Blue Jays become a major player when it comes to pursuing the world's top talent. For now, though, Toronto is not in a position to make a serious run at Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman. Despite reports indicating that the Blue Jays were one of several teams with interest in the 21-year-old Chapman -- a free agent after defecting from his home country -- Anthopoulos told that trying to sign the pitcher was "not realistic."

Makes sense to me, can't offer a guy millions if you haven't really scouted him first.

Alex Anthopoulos continues to change things in the front office, adding Mel Didier and Mel Queen as 'Senior Advisers'.

Mel Didier and Mel Queen were both named to the position of senior advisor under Anthopoulos, who assumed general manager duties for the Blue Jays at the end of the regular season. Didier brings 56 years of scouting experience and Queen has spent 31 years in baseball as a coach, manager or administrator, primarily with Toronto.

Didier joins the Blue Jays after seven seasons as a senior advisor to the general manager with the Texas Rangers. He has also worked with the Tigers, Brewers, Expos, Dodgers, Mariners, Indians, D-backs and Orioles. Queen, who was Toronto's pitching coach from 1996-99, returned to the Jays' organization in 2008 as a roving Minor League coach.

I've seen a lot complaining about the age of these two, but I'm glad to see Alex is going to have people with differing view points to bunch ideas off of. It is good to listen to 'old school' ideas (though just because they are older men, doesn't necessarily mean all their ideas would be 'old school') even if you don't agree with them. Queen was in the organization for years and I'd imagine Alex knows Didier from their time in Montreal.

In the National Post, Jeremy Sandler has a story titled 'Halladay's future remains uncertain', proving that I'm not the only one that can waste a thousand words without really saying anything. 

And also in the Post, if you want to cry for Rogers Corp., now would be the appropriate time. Profits were down 2% in the last quarter compared to a year ago. Yep, profits were only $485 Million in the quarter that ended September 30.

And in other MLB news, the St. Louis Cardinals have hired Mark McGwire to be their hitting coach. I'd make fun of this but Lookout Landing beat me to it. And were funnier than I'd be.