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A Day Later, What Do We Think of Beeston as Team President?

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Quick note: I'm going to watch the game tonight and I'll open a game thread in case folks want to chat during the game. Join in if you like. Back to regularly scheduled post.

We have had a day to think about it, what do you think of Beeston keeping the job of Team President?

I guess my question is why did the 'search' for a new guy go on so long, if Beeston was going to keep the job at the end of it? When Beeston fired JP and hired Anthopoulos I figured they must have known who the new guy was going to be, because he would have had to sign off on the move. It wouldn't make any sense to hire Alex, have him start to make the changes he thought were necessary to the front office and then have a new team president come in, hire his own guy and change the changes. So the new guy must have been known.

So why not make the announcement at the same time? At the time I thought that it was possible that the new team president was still under contract somewhere else. Like say it was Pat Gillick and he couldn't take the job until after the World Series was over. Or someone in a similar spot. But that wasn't the case. So why not make the announcement then. 

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So after being interim president for 12 months, why did it take so long to make it permanent? I'm guessing they were chasing the 'great white whale', the guy they thought would be perfect for the job. They, apparently, wanted to hire Rick Welts, president of the Phoenix Suns, but he decided to stay on with Phoenix. Perhaps there was someone else or more than one someone else they thought would be perfect for the job but they couldn't get. Maybe they were hoping they could convince someone who had said no, or were waiting on someone to make a decision.

Anyway, I'm glad they made the announcement. True or not, without someone in the spot on a 'permanent' bases, the team looks like it doesn't have a direction. Is Beeston the right guy? Well, no one has more experience with the team than he does, as the famous 'first employee' of the Jays. He has worked for the team until 1997, when he took the job of president and Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball, which he held till 2002. And even during that time he had an office in Skydome. He was Jays team president from 1989 to 1996, the most successful time in team history. And he is well liked in the baseball community.

It is a bit funny that after a year of 'searching' he looked around and decided he was the best man for the job, "geeze, I've talked to all these people and I'm easily smarter than all of them." But clearly Rogers wanted him in the role. For whatever you think about him, Bud Selig wanted him to take the job. Alex Anthopoulos wanted him. 

Some have complained 'he's too old' for the job. The same ones complaining Anthopoulos is too young I'd guess. I do wish he would stop coloring the hair, at 64 it looks silly to not have any gray but such is life. Some have said they aren't overwhelmed by his choice. I kind of wonder who they figured would get the job that would overwhelm them. It is team president, quick name 10 other MLB clubs team presidents. Generally it is a behind the scenes job. It is hard to 'overwhelm' when most of what you do isn't seen by the fans. 

The good news:

Beeston said Rogers executives assured him the company will provide resources the team needs to win although that does not mean fans can expect an instant turnaround for a club that has not been to the playoffs since 1993.

"That doesn't mean necessarily just going and buying a World Series," Beeston said. "I don't want anyone to be confused with that because I think that you would agree you just can't go spend money and win.

" You' ve got to put the pieces together, even if you're the New York Yankees. They don't win without those years of scouting and development and signing those players that are an integral part of their team."

So they have the money, it doesn't mean they are going to spend it all in a hurry, which makes a lot of sense to me. If they don't feel they are one or two players away from the playoff, why spend a fortune on one or two guys.

Alex Anthopoulos thinks

Beeston's presence should help him in his effort to convince players to re-sign with the Blue Jays or join the team.

"There's a level of respect and a level of credibility he's going to have going forward," Anthopoulos said. "I think having Paul Beeston not only helps me, but helps everybody in the organization -- top to bottom. We've gotten a lot better as an organization today."

He is hands on, he had dinner with Roy Halladay last week in Florida. He likes to talk to people.

I have seen some people say that this means the team won't fire Cito Gaston. I don't think it means that. I think it means Cito can more easily be moved to a 'advisor to the president' role. Beeston has a history with Cito so they could work together. I don't know that that will happen but I think it would be best.

What Beeston really has to do now is to sell us on the team. Last year, I felt, that the team was almost actively trying to drive people away, in the off season. They didn't try to sell us on the young players, they didn't try to sell us on anything. The rallying cry seemed to be 'we won't compete this year'. This year, he and Anthopoulos have got to get out there and bang the drums. They have to tell us they have a plan. No not an idiot 5 year plan or something that sports writers can point to in the future to say 'they lied'. They have to show us that they are moving forward to try to win. Talk to the media.

Here comes the self-serving part, talk to us. Talk to the bloggers, we are the fans. We aren't the enemy. We want the team to do well. We aren't going to knock the team to sell papers or gain ratings. We are fans, we want to the team to do well, we have an interest in the team doing well. Talking directly to fan stops the media from spinning your message the End self-serving part.

Anyway, after all that, what do you think about having Paul Beeston staying as team president?