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Blue Jays 7 Orioles 13

With everything else going on you would be forgiven in forgetting there was a game tonight. Our 6 game win streak is over. David Purcey was terrible, allowing 7 runs on 8 hits and a walk in 3.2 innings. Josh Roenicke and Dirk Hayhurst were no better giving up 6 runs between them in 3.1 innings. The only Jay pitcher to do good was Brian Wolfe who pitched a scoreless 8th.

Offensively we did quite well, Randy Ruiz, Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista continued their home run hitting ways, of late, though they each only hit one. The way we are going lately not hitting at least 2 in a game is a disappointment. John McDonald had 3 hits and Kyle Phillips had 2 but Phillips didn't show off a good arm behind the plate. I don't know if his glove is good enough at catcher to merit a big league job. 

Jays of the Day are Encarncion (.144 WPA) and Ruiz (.105). Purcey gets the Suckage award. 

On the Cito thing, Aaron Hill says 'there are issues', and well, if Hill says there are problems between the players and Cito, I tend to believe him. On the classy scale, Roy Halladay sets high scores saying 'Any concerns I have will be addressed to the right people." He impresses me more all the time.