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All Good Things Have Endings: 10/3 Game Thread, Jays at Orioles

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Yesterday's game was some kind of ugly, though I enjoyed watching the Twins come within 1 game of the Tigers - the Central is an exciting division.

Tonight, Scott Richmond pitches for the corvids while former Jay Mark Hendrickson goes for the icteridae in the battle for Passeriformes supremacy (at least in the AL, the Cardinals pretty clearly reign supreme in all of baseball.

I won't be around for tonight's game as I have my end-of-season softball tournament this afternoon and plans for an epic Beatles Rock Band tourney later on, but drop into the game threads, which have stayed strong despite the season being almost over.

Today's title from the song "Forgive and Forget" by the Get Up Kids - with the lyric fitting the final series of the season while using the strong struck me given the Cito situation, not to mention Ricciardi's firing.