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JP Riccardi Fired

I try to get away for a couple of days, after no real Jay news for weeks and then everything happens at once. Anyway as  aagoodfellow said in the fanpost JP Riccardi has been fired by the Jays. Alex  Anthopoulos has been promoted to GM, it doesn't say in the story if Anthopoulos is an interim GM or if it is his job for good.

It seems strange timing for the move, as a new team president hasn't been announced yet. It could mean that the new president has been found and has approved/suggested the move. Or it could mean that Paul Beeston is going to continue in the role. If Beeston is staying then you have to wonder why it took so long to fire JP. JP has been talking like a man that knew his fate for the past little while so why leave in dangling in the breeze for so long. 

Of course if there is a new team president that has been chosen then the question is 'why isn't he bringing in his own man for the GM role?' I have been sort of figuring the new president would be a long time baseball man with a track record and was sure a guy like that would have an idea of who he wanted. So while I agree it was time for JP to go and I like Anthopoulos a lot, the move seems to cause more questions that it gives answers.

We will take a look at JP's Blue Jay career and look at some of the questions later on, but since I'm sitting out side a Starbucks at the moment and have to get back to back to real life in a few minutes we will just toast the end of JP's time with the Jays. I'm not a JP hater by any means, he did some good things for the Jays and did some things that didn't work out so well, but I think it was time he left.

Drinks are on Richard Griffin. Any bets on how long it takes for him to turn on Anthopoulos?