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AJ and Mariano Beat the Phillies

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Phillies 1 Yankees 3

That wasn't as fun as yesterday. A.J. Burnett was terrific, striking out 9 in 7 innngs, and Mariano Rivera was good, as well as getting his usual very wide strike zone. Strike 3 to Ryan Howard must have been at least a foot off the plate. If I was Howard I'd have gotten myself thrown out of the game. That was just a terrible call, but Rivera gets it all the time. 

Pedro Martinez was very good too, but Charlie Manuel left him out there too long. He did strike out 8 in his 6 innings and looked unhittable early.

There were several former Jays in the game. AJ as mentioned was great. Matt Stairs DHed for the Phillies, went 1 for 4, driving in their only run but he did strikeout to end the game. Jayson Werth was 1 for 4 as well, but was picked off at first by Jose Molina. Scott Eyre got both guys he faced out, coming in in relief. 

The umpires had their moments too. As well as the wide strike zone. The first base umpire blew a call on a line drive at Ryan Howard that he short hopped but was called a catch, which cost the Yankees a double play. Then in the 8th, with runners on first and second, Chase Utley ground out into a double play but replays showed he was safe at first. Charlie Manuel should have sent the runners on the full count pitch. He reminds me of Cito. Minimalist school of managing: leave pitchers out there as long as you can and make as few moves as possible.

No Phillies of the Game, Suckage Phillies are Howard (-.131 WPA, on an 0 for 4) and Utley (-.189, on a 0 for 3 with a walk). 

Yankees of the Day are Burnett (.338), Hideki Matsui (.232) and Rivera (.156). Suckage Yankee was Johnny Damon (-.132 on an 0 for 4). 

So they go to Philadelphia to play game 3 Saturday tied at a game. We'll likely put up a game thread again so join us if you are done trick or treating by then.