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Cito To Fans, 'We Aren't Winning This Year'

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I'm late on this one but do you think someone in the PR department could talk to Cito about how he speaks to the press. Here is a Cito quote:

"My gut is that I think Doc wants to be on a winning team," Gaston said. "He's probably sitting there looking at A.J. [Burnett] out there pitching [for the Yankees in the World Series], knowing that that's where he'd like to be. It's not about money with Doc. It's about him being on a winning team.

"I can't speak for Doc, but my gut feeling is if he's here next year with us, then he'll probably leave after next year. Hopefully, if that's the case, then we can get something for him before he leaves."

You get that our manager is telling us in October that the isn't going to win next year or for that matter the year after. Can't he learn? He did this last season and surprisingly enough ticket sales tanked. Even when the team got off to a quick start they couldn't sell tickets. Shouldn't part of the manager's job be to sell the team to us fans? Not Cito, no no. His job is to tell us 'don't buy tickets, we are crappy'. Please Cito, think first, talk second.

Please, if he is going to be the manager again next season, let's talk to him about how he presents the team to the public. Please. It would be nice if we were allowed some hope.