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Did the Jays Try to Trade for Victor Martinez?

Rob Bradford of has a story on how the Red Sox ended up trading for Victor Martinez and in the middle of it was this throw away line:

It would later be learned that the Blue Jays had made a play for Martinez with the idea of hanging on to Halladay and making a run in 2010.

Did anyone else hear about this one? Boy I would have loved if we could have got Martinez, but I never heard anything about it anywhere else.  The Red Sox didn't give up all that much for him:

 The cost to the Sox was steep, since Masterson was regarded by the organization as at worst a legitimate late-inning relief option, while Hagadone is considered to have legitimate closer's stuff, and Bryan Price, the third pitcher included in the deal, has a premium (albeit somewhat raw) arm.

I'm sure we could have found 3 similar pitchers to send to the Indians. Oh well, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride, right? Still nice to think about. An upgrade like that at catcher would give us a shot even in our division.