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Who to Cheer for in the Playoffs?

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So since I really don't have a team to cheer for in the Playoffs this year, I thought I'd find out which teams had Canadians or former Jays or Expos on their team to help me figure who to cheer on. Now for some teams it really doesn't matter, I'm not cheering for the Red Sox unless they are playing the Yankees and I'll never cheer the Yankees unless they sign at least two of my kids to play for them.

Tomorrow we'll take a look at how some of these guys are doing in the playoffs for their teams. 

Boston Red Sox

Jason Bay,  Trail, BC

Minnesota Twins

Jesse Crain,  Toronto, ON

Carl Pavano, Expo

Orlando Cabrera, Expo

Los Angeles Angels

Maicer Izturis, Expo

Juan Rivera, Expo

Vladimir Guerrero, Expo

New York Yankees

A.J. Burnett, Blue Jay

Chad Gaudin, Blue Jay

Eric Hinske, Blue Jay

Colorado Rockies


Los Angeles Dodgers

Russell Martin, East York, ON

Casey Blake, Blue Jay

Orlando Hudson, Blue Jay

Philadelphia Phillies

Scott Eyre, Blue Jay

Pedro Martinez, Expo

Miguel Cairo, Blue Jay

Matt Stair, St. John NB-Blue Jay-Expo

Jayson Werth, Blue Jay

St. Louis Cardinal

Chris Carpenter, Blue Jay

Blake Hawksworth, North Vancouver, BC

Trevor Miller, Blue Jay

Troy Glaus, Blue Jay

Yeah the Yankees have 3 former Jays. Turncoats all of them. Red Sox have one decent person on the team. The Twins have a couple of ex-Expos and a Canadian and the Angels have 3 ex-Expos. Of course I'm cheering for the Twins and Angels, but then they are playing the Evil Empire and the Minions of the Devil respectively. So they don't need Canadian content, although, I sort of consider Minneapolis a Canadian town in sprit at very least.

There is no one on the Rockies I want to cheer on. The Dodgers have a good Canadian boy and a couple of former Jays, but the Cardinals have a Canadian and 3 former Jays. Clear edge to the Cardinals. The Phillies though have three former Jays, an Ex-po, and the trifecta in Matt Stairs, a Canadian that played for the Expos and Jays. 

So this little exercise didn't help me much. I'm cheering for whoever plays the Yankees or Red Sox. And I'm cheering Cards over Dodgers (not that that will help them, Matt Holliday needs to learn how to catch a fly ball) and I guess Phillies over Rockies but without much enthusiasm I'm afraid. 

Or, you could give me a good reason to cheer for one of the teams?