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Arbitration Eligible Jays

We have 10 players who are eligible for arbitration this off season. Shawn Marcum, Dustin McGowan, Brandon League, Jose Bautista, Jason Frasor, Jeremy Accardo, Brian Tallet, Shawn Camp, Casey Janssen and Raul Chavez. If you are Alex Anthopoulos, which ones do you offer arbitration to, which ones do you negotiate with and which ones do you let walk away? The Jays, in JP's time never actually went to arbitration, they always made the deal before it got that far, we don't know what Alex feels about it.

Shawn Marcum: yeah I offer him arbitration. It's his first year of arbitration and he made $405,200 last year. With his injury last year, I'm not sure what he'd be likely to get from the arbitrator, $1.5 million.

Dustin McGowan: he made $419, 400 last year. He's a trickier case, I'd really want to make a deal with him without going to arbitration, mostly because we don't know what he might give us this year. Would he take $.5 plus incentives?

Brandon League: it is his second arbitration year, they avoided it last year signing him to a $640,000 contract. Of course I'd offer him arbitration. Would likely look to sign him around $1.5 million.

Jose Bautista: he signed for $2.4 million avoiding arbitration last year. I'd be worried about offering him it this year, on the chance that he gets awarded $4.5 million or more. I'd negotiate with him but much over $3 million would seem like too much to me.

Shawn Camp: asked for $.95 million from the arbitrator but settled for $0.75 plus incentives in a deal to avoid the hearing. To be honest, I would let him walk. He was good last year but I do not think he has any trade value and might get $2 million from arbitration. too much to me. 

Jason Frasor: he got $1.45 million last year avoiding arbitration. I'd think he'd be looking for mid $3 this time. You'd have to offer it but try to sign him before hand.

Jeremy Accardo: he was at $900,000 last year. I have no idea what the team wants to do with him. He might get close to $2.0 mil from the arbitrator. Your guess is as good as mind for what the Jays will do. 

Brian Tallet: made $1.015 mil last year. I said at the trade deadline last year that I would look to trade him. I would still be looking to trade him, his value will never be higher. He could get $2.5 or so from an arbitrator. I can not see him starting for us again, with all the young arms we have and he will likely get too much money to be another lefty arm in the pen.

Casey Janssen: made $413,900, I doubt he would get much more next year. I am sure he will sign for close to the minimum.

Raul Chavez: signed as a free agent for $0.5 million. Likely would take that again and for that I would sign him. I wouldn't offer more or offer arbitration. There are lots of catchers at his level out there.

So what would you do?