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Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition is In: Who Moves Up, Who Moves Down on our Prospect List, Part Two Players 11-20

As a start towards re-doing our prospect list I thought we'd take a look at the guys on our current list and see which ones improved their status with the team and which ones likely dropped back or right off the prospect list. Then we can start looking at who should be on the new list.

This is part two, players from 11-20 on our list.

11. Marc Rzepczynski. As you likely know Scrabble started the year at Double-A, starting 14 games there, going 7-5 with a 2.93 ERA. The amazing part was, in 76.1 innings he only allowed 1 homer. He made a couple of starts at Triple-A then was called up to the big club. In the majors he made 11 starts and had a 3.67 ERA. I guess we can add him to the list of prospects that have graduated.

12. Robert Ray. Ray was called up at the end of April, made 4 starts, 1 great, 1 ok, and 2 bad ones. Jays tried to send him back to Vegas but then found out he had a shoulder injury. Ray's been on the DL ever since. The Jays like him a bunch but I'm not sure what the injury will do to his chances of making the rotation next year. He'll be 26 next year, so he's getting to where he's almost too old to be a prospect. Hopefully he'll be healthy come spring.

13. Brian Jeroloman. Jeroloman was moved back to Double-A at the start of this season, no so much as a demotion, more to make sure both he and Arencibia could catch every day. Since Jeroloman hit very well at Double-A in 2008, you had to figure he'd do well there in his second time through. It didn't work that way. He hit just .217/.330/.316. Since his upside before this year was backup catcher, likely he was too high on the list even before this poor season. I would think he played himself totally off the prospects list, though he still could be a backup catcher and likely wouldn't be much worse than Raul Chavez.

14. Scott Richmond. Graduated to the big team.

15. Balbino Fuenmayor. Balbino was moved up to A-ball Lansing this season but his bat didn't make the trip from the Rookie League. He hit just .263/.279/.384.He's just 19 and a big guy at 6'3". He split time between third and first base. Jays expect with his size that he'll develop power, but he didn't walk at all and struck out a ton this year. He's young enough that a bad year isn't the end of the world but he'll likely drop down on the list.

16. Tim Collins. Tim is a relief prospect. Tiny at 5'7", but he knows how to strike guys out. He started the season at High-A Dunedin and he struck out 99 in 64.2 innings and had a 2.37 ERA before he was moved to Double-A New Hampshire. He only got into 9 game there but struck out 17 in 12.2 innings. At 19 he was very young for Double-A ball. As hard as it is to think of a reliever in Double-A as a prospect, but he's a good one and will likely move up a few spots on our list.

17. Eric Eiland. Eric spent the season in Short Season A-Ball Auburn. He had a terrible season, hitting just .194/.289/.258. He had good speed, apparently plays good defense, knows how to take a walk and has all the tools. But even at just 20 he should be beyond short-season ball and doing better. Likely has played himself off all the prospects list. He is young enough to get back on, but he'll have to prove something to us soon.

18. Brad Emaus. We got to see some of Brad in spring training. He looked good. He was moved up to Double-A for the season and did ok there, not great but respectable, .253/.336/.376. He has some speed, some power and he knows how to take a walk. And plays a decent 2B. He was 23 this year and likely will move up to Triple-A next year. He does have a road block ahead of him in Aaron Hill, but I could see him moving into the top 10 of our prospect list.

19. Davis Romero. Davis was just dropped off the 40 man roster. I haven't heard if he will become a free agent or if he will stay in the organization. He didn't show much this year, splitting time between the rotation and the pen, going 3-6 with a 5.98 ERA. The PCL is tough on pitchers but he walked too many and gave up too many homers. He won't be on any prospect list this year.

20. Tyler Pastornicky. Just 19, Tyler played most of the season at Lansing, he hit pretty well, .269/.336/.346. He also stole 51 bases. I'll admit I like him better than Justin Jackson. The problem is he's a level behind Jackson and I'm not sure how the Jays can jump him over Jackson. You have to love Tyler's speed. The Jays haven't had a base stealer like Tyler in year. And he knows how to take a walk  so he could become a leadoff hitter in the majors.  He's got a good arm and a good glove. He is still at least a couple of years from Toronto but I think he'll move into the top ten on our list. Too bad he isn't a little further along, we could use a SS this year.