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Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition is In: Who Moves Up, Who Moves Down on our Prospect List, Part 3, 21-30

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On our look through our prospect list from last year, in preparation to re-do the list for this year. This time we look at the last ten of 30. Next we'll look at guys that joined the organization this past year and guys that took a step forward to see who could be added to the list. 

21. Kyle Ginley. Ginley had an injury filled season; he only got into 5 game at Dunedin. In those games he pitched in relief which might be the spot for him. He's a big guy with a really good fastball. He was 22 this year, the loss of a year doesn't mean he won't make it to the majors, but it doesn't help.

22. Jonathan Talley. Jonathan didn't have a good year at Lansing, .228/.320/.315. He's a big guy, a big target at catcher. The good thing about this year is that he learned to take a walk, but hoped for power didn't come yet. Next year he'll need a step forward.

23. Yohermyn Chavez. A tools guy outfielder that put it all together this year.  20 years old he hit .283/.346/.474 with 21 homers at Lansing. When you out homer Travis Snider at a level (Snider had 16 at Lansing) you've got something.  He's a little ways from being ready for the Blue Jays but with work he could be in the middle of the batting order in a few years.

24. Zach Dials: Zach started the year at Dunedin, got 10 saves with a 2.21 ERA and was moved to New Hampshire where he had a 3.14 ERA. He'll be 24 next year so he has to keep progressing. His strikeout to walk ratio was 14 to 1 at Dunedin but not good at New Hamshire 18 K's and 20 walks. He could be a good right hander in the pen in Toronto in a couple of years.

25. Joel Collins. No longer in the organization.

26. Kenneth Wilson. Ken was drafted in 2008, started in Lansing but moved back down to Rookie League.  Good defensive CFer, but the bat hasn't come around yet, .212/.306/.305 at the two levels. Great speed, 37 steals and can take a walk. The bat has to come around but the tools are there. He's young enough to come around.

27. Moises Sierra. Moises is another that took a big step forward this year. He started the year at Dunedin and was moved up to New Hampshire at the end of the year. He hit .292/.360/.399. He has some speed and the hope is that power will come.  He is just 20 so there is time for the power to come, but he's looking good at the moment. 

28. Robert Sobelewski. His second year in the organization, he brought up his walk rate a bunch this year but wasn't terrific (.249/.311/.355). A third baseman with a good arm, big enough that the power could come and he would need it to but he's looking pretty good still. 22 now, so things have to happen in the next couple of years but there is no reason to think it won't.

29. Andrew Liebel. A pretty good year for Andrew, started in Dunedin and had a 3.63 ERA there in 27 starts, not a great record 5-13 but good strikeout to walk rate 118 K's and 42 walks. Moved up to New Hampshire for a couple of starts at the end of the season. Will be 24 next year so he's got to keep moving up, but he's looking good.

30. Jonathan Del Campo. Not a good year for Jon, played mostly at Lansing and didn't hit at all.212/.238/.280. Played mostly 2B. He hit well the last couple of years but will fall off the list this year. Just 21 so there is time to turn it around again but it isn't too likely.