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Monday Banterings: Spring Training Dates, Brandon Phillips Rumors

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The Jays announced their spring training schedule this morning. Pitchers and catchers report February 22nd. Position players on the 25th and the first spring games is March 3rd. If you are planning a trip to Dunedin to watch the Jays their schedule is here. They start the regular season in Texas on April 5th. First game in Toronto is on the 12th against Alex Rios (unless they cut him by then) and the Chicago White Sox. So spring baseball is just a little over 3 months away.

Jeff Blair in the Globe thinks the Jays will 'be all over' Brandon Phillips if the Cincinnati decide they want to cut payroll. I'd understand the move if Phillips could still play shortstop but he's only played second base in the majors. Blair figures the Jays want him for third base. Personally I'd like them to stick with Encarnacion for the year and see what he can do if he is healthy. Phillips is a pretty good player, but his numbers aren't much better than Edwin's could be.

Baseball Prospectus has questions and answers with Ricky Romero. Here's the his answer to a question about Brad Arnsberg leaving:

RR: Any time you lose someone that you’re close with, and get to work with, it’s obviously going to be a little different, but I still feel that we have a good pitching coach in Bruce Walton. He kind of worked under Arnie a little bit, and he knows me, and I actually got to work with him a couple of times this year when Arnie took a leave of absence, early in the year, for his son’s graduation or something. So I was able to work with Pappy and talk to him a lot during the year, and he helped me out too. He’s a very knowledgeable guy, in pitching, and I couldn’t any happier for him.

And Beyond the Boxscore takes a look at the possibility of the Pirates trading Ryan Doumit and the theory of 'buying low'. If they are going to trade him I hope the Jays look into him.