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Blue Jay Minor League Free Agents

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The Jays have 16 Six-Year minor league free agents. Here is the list:

Pitchers: RHP T.J. Beam, LHP Fabio Castro, RHP James Lehman, LHP Chris Michalak, LHP Davis Romero, RHP Sean Smith

Catchers: Adair Betegon, Kyle Phillips

Infielders: Howie Clark, Jesus Gonzalez, Kevin Howard, Angel Sanchez

Outfielders: Buck Coats, Nick Gorneault, Jason Lane, Bartolo Nicolas

So which ones would you want to resign and which ones would you let walk away?

The list of all the minor league free agents is here

A couple of former Jay prospects are free agents off other teams minor league system now: John-Ford Griffin, Ty Taubenheim and Russ Adams. There are some well known names out there for the taking too: Josh Barfield, Dallas McPherson, Casey Fossum, Sal Fasano (well he's a free agent every year), Matt Ginter Tim Raines, Jr. and others.