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Blue Jays and Blogs

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Yesterday the Drunks gave their Guide to Tank Nation. There was a suggestion at the end that kind of interested me.

Invite two or three blogs, each homestand, to cover a game or two, assign a media officer to them, and show them the ropes. Yeah, the old media guys are going to give you dirty looks for it, but invite them to giv e the bloggers advice as well. And anyway, should the team really care what print journalists think? It's not like their precious newspapers are going to be around much longer anyway. I kid. I kid.

It is similar to something I've been saying for a while, that the Jays could/should pay a bit more attention to us blogs. We are fans, we are doing the team a service. And we are hoping the team succeeds. 

That said, I really don't want to position us closer to the mass media. I don't want full access to the team, I don't want to be in the locker room or the press box. I don't want to be an 'insider'. I don't want to know that Kevin Millar is really a great guy in the locker room. Until they start giving runs for what guys do in the clubhouse, I want to just continue to care about what they do on the field. I can just see it though, 'Millar was the hero in today's game, he went 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts and committed an error that led to 2 runs scoring, but in the clubhouse he hit a grand slam to win the game.'

The mainstream media does a good job at telling us who the good guys are and who they don't like. I don't want my view of Cito or Alex Anthopoulos clouded by the fact that they are really nice people nor do I want to dislike a player because they snubbed me for an interview. Leave that to Jamie Campbell and the beat writers. I'd like to keep our focus on what happens on the field and what moves the team makes.

That said, we do do the team a service here and it would be nice if they would acknowledge us. By us I mean the blogs, not just our blog. Would it be bad if the team made someone available for an interview, now and then. I mean if Alex talked to us he wouldn't have to worry about us putting a spin on his words, we'd just post them and he can talk to the fans directly without a writer filtering his thoughts through their perspective. Doesn't have to be the GM, could be anyone in the organization that has a few moments to let us know where the team stands on a few things. Or like the Drunks suggest, give us a few days sometime where we do have some access.

We aren't the enemy. We want the best for the team, we aren't going to spend every post trying to get the GM fired because we think we should have the job. We aren't going to roast them, unless, you know, we feel they need roasting.