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Thursday Bantering: Roster Move, Ticket Prices and the Halladay Rumor Du Jour

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The Jays have added Reider Gonzalez to their 40-man roster which protects him from being picked up in the Rule 5 draft. We talked about Reider yesterday, he's a likely add to our top prospects list. He was 4-6 with a 2.90 ERA in 17 starts at New Hampshire last year.

Robert MacLeod in the Globe and Mail has a story saying the 'may' increase single game ticket prices. I'm not sure if this move by the Jays falls under the heading Chutzpeh or Chutzpidity. You've told the fans you aren't going to win and you've suffered through a season where attendance was down. Is the plan to play in front of no one this year?

Over in the Star, Morgan Campbell has a story about a guy that was told his season tickets would go up in price:

Last season, Woitzik, a lawyer from Whitby, paid $3,823.92 for a pair of season tickets, but the renewal notice he received this week said the same two seats would now cost $5,964.84.

If you don't understand how that could happen, you aren't alone. Here is the explanation:

Jason Diplock, vice-president of ticket sales and service, said the club re-zoned six sections near the field in the left- and right-field corners, making them the same price as more expensive sections along the baselines.

He and president Paul Beeston knew the move would rankle some fans, but Diplock said they contained the price change within the sections with the fewest season ticket holders.

Diplock points out that 99.2 per cent of season ticket holders will pay the same price as last year, while the price hike affects roughly two dozen season ticket holders.

You the the feeling that 99.2% of season ticket holders will be saving 100% of the ticket price cause they won't be buying. Does it seem to anyone else that a public relations class could be taught to the Jays? pretty good

Jays Bob Nightengale from USA Today has said on twitter that the Dodgers are 'focusing on' Roy Halladay. Chad Billingsley would be the centerpiece of their offer, he is pretty good, gotta like pitchers that strike out a batter an inning and he was only 24 last season. I wonder if Doc would want to go to LA, I hear it's fine, the sun shines all the time and the feeling is laid back.