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Contest Time

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Since there hasn't been any real Blue Jay news for a long while (depressingly long when you are attempting to write about them every day), so the incentive is there to make something up, like this Mets writer in the New York Daily News. This one is worth extra points because the headline calls Jose Guillen a free agent, when he isn't one. To be fair, odds are the writer didn't write the headline, but the story itself is a good example since there is no suggestion that it came from anywhere but the writer's imagination. It has the added benefit of making the Met's front office look stupid by suggesting they would want outfielder that is owed $12 million next year after a season where he hit .242. Not only that but they would trade a young outfielder who hit .302 for him.

So there is your mission, make up a rumor, yes it's Sportswriter Hero, now available on your PC. Don't go too simple like suggesting Pat Gillick will take a job with the Jays. Something that on first read through gives the feeling that 'Hey, this could happen' but after a moment's thought is clearly a dream. Extra points for subtle factual errors or casually throwing in a front office quote out of context. Winner gets....oh I don't know, I'm tempted to say a full time job writing for any media outlet or blog, but really you just get the fun of doing it. 

And I get....a post where I don't say anything at is a long offseason.