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Who Could Be Put On Our Prospects List? Lansing Edition

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Continuing our look through our minor league system to see who could be put on our prospect list. This time it's guys who played in Lansing for the Lugnuts and who weren't already on our list. We had some good players there. 

Michael McDade: 6th round draft choice in 2007, found power this year in Lansing, hitting .277/.336/.466, with 16 homers in 408 at bats. Big guy 6'1" and 270 lb at just 20 years old, he's going to have to show a lot of power, he's not going to be stealing bases. Hit the same number of homers as Travis Snider did at Lansing, Snider was a year younger though. He could be good.

Mark Sobolewski: 4th round pick in 2008 so first full year of pro ball. A third baseman, he didn't hit great in Lansing, .249/.311/.355, but then, first year. Turning 23 next month, next year will be important for him to prove he belongs on the list.

Henderson Alvarez: Anthopoulos called him ‘arguably' our best prospect. There is a lot to like: he was just 19 last season at Lansing and went 9-6 with a 3.47 ERA, 92 k's and 19 walks in 124.1 innings. He gave up just 1 homer. An almost 5 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio will get attention. In 3 minor league seasons he's thrown 196.1 innings and only allowed 4 homers and 33 walks. It is hard to imagine that there is a Jay with more upside, but there are a few steps between Lansing and the majors.

John Anderson: 3-6, 4.52 ERA in Lansing, 30 walks, 76 strikeouts in 99.2 innings. Big lefty, 6'3", just 20. Not really a prospect yet but could get there.

Frank Gailey: A late round draft pick in 2007. He's a left-handed reliever who had his first season at Lansing this year and did very well, 1.93 ERA, a 1.087 WHIP, 8.3 SO/9 and gave up just 2 homers in 65.1 innings. This was his 3rd year of pro-ball and his ERA over those 3 years is 1.88. He was 23 last year so a little old for the level, he'd have to get moving up the levels but he's done well so far.

Matthew Daly: A 13th round pick in 2008, right-handed reliever, he had a 1.65 ERA between Dunedin and Lansing with a 1.050 WHIP, 65 K in 60 innings, 22 saves  and no home runs allowed.  Just 22 and tough to call a A-Ball reliever a prospect, but he could be one.