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NFL Pool Week 12 and Week 11 Results

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Yay I won one again, proving the line about the stopped watch being right twice a day. Kind of silly to use up one of my two times right to win a no money football pool, but I'll take it. Actually Aagoodfellow and I tied with 9 of 16 games right , but I was only 3 off on the total points for Monday's game. It was a weekend for underdogs, if you had picked all underdogs you'd have had 11 right.

This week there are 3 games on Thursday, being the American Thanksgiving. so happy Thanksgiving to those one the south side of the border. I've been in the states several times on Thanksgiving and though it makes travel tough, it is a great time. It is also Grey Cup weekend on this side of the border, so instead of using the Monday game as the tie breaker let's use the Grey Cup game so pick the winner of Montreal and Saskatchewan as well as total points scored in that game. We won't worry about the spread for the Grey Cup game. 

This week's spreads:


NFL Point Spreads For Week 12 - Week Twelve NFL Football Point Spread - NFL Spreads 11/26 - 11/30, 2009

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
11/26 12:30 ET Green Bay -10.5 At Detroit
11/26 4:15 ET At Dallas -13.5 Oakland
11/26 8:20 ET NY Giants -6.5 At Denver
11/29 1:00 ET Indianapolis -3.5 At Houston
11/29 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -13.5 Cleveland
11/29 4:15 ET At Minnesota -10.5 Chicago
11/29 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -9.5 Washington
11/29 1:00 ET Miami -3.5 At Buffalo
11/29 4:15 ET At Tennessee -0.5 Arizona
11/29 1:00 ET Seattle -3.5 At St. Louis
11/29 1:00 ET At Atlanta -11.5 Tampa Bay
11/29 1:00 ET At NY Jets -3.5 Carolina
11/29 4:05 ET At San Francisco -3.5 Jacksonville
11/29 4:05 ET At San Diego -13.5 Kansas City
11/29 8:20 ET At Baltimore -2.5 Pittsburgh


Monday Night Football Point Spread

11/30 8:35 ET At New Orleans -3.5 New England