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Wednesday Bantering: Today's Roy Halladay Rumor, John McDonald and Buck Coats

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So today's Roy Halladay rumor? According to the New York Daily News the Red Sox are going to 'make a big push' to get Doc before the start of the winter meetings Dec. 7th. The reasoning, apparently, is that the Yankees are meeting next week to decide on things like budget for the next season, so the Red Sox figure they would like try to get something done before the Yankees get organized.

The Red Sox offer will apparently center around Clay Buchholz and Casey Kelly. Kelly was the Red Sox first round pick in 2008 and is an interesting story, Tennessee wanted him to play quarterback for the Volunteers. Kelly would only sign with the Sox if they would let him play both pitcher and shortstop. So he played both positions in A-Ball last year. His minor league numbers are here. As a pitcher he is a terrific prospect, as a shortstop he has some work to do but looks like he has some power potential. He's 20 now I'd expect him to move towards being a full time pitcher and make the majors in a year or two, but I can understand why he'd be reluctant to giving up on shortstop, starting pitchers sit around for 4 of every 5 days.

Jordan Bastian says that the John McDonald signing will be announced today. I really don't understand this one. The line we often hear about free agents is that to sign one you have to offer a dollar more than the next highest offer. Do you really believe someone else offered him $1.4 million? Of course not. Instead of a home team discount, we are giving him more than what he could get other places?

To put it another way, this summer the Jays failed to sign their number 2 draft choice, a pitcher that looked to have a bright future, because of a reported $200,000 difference in between what he wanted and what the Jays offered. And then you go and give Mac $1.5 million.

Yeah I know, Mac is a good guy and is very likable in the clubhouse. Which was the excuse that bought us a season's worth of Kevin Millar. You would have thought there was a lesson there somewhere.

Jordan also lets us know that the Royals have signed Buck Coats to a minor league contract. Good move by the Royals, I hope things work out for him there.