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Thursday Bantering: Shortstops and other possible moves.

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Jeff Blair and Jordan Bastian each have information filled, little blog entries today.

Start with Blair's, one thing he tells us:

I’m hearing that the Toronto Blue Jays did in fact make a serious run at Orlando Cabrera last week – they love the energy he brings – but that concerns about his range and arm made them hesitant to offer up the two-year, $12-million minimum deal it was going to take to get him. 

Well if that's true, I'm glad we have Gonzalez instead. I wouldn't want Orlando Cabrera at all. But I'm not sure why we want to be signing 30+ year old replacement level shortstops. Personally I would have liked them to see what Mike McCoy could have done. 40 steals and a .405 on base in Triple-A makes you think he could fill the leadoff spot. Defense is great and all but offense doesn't hurt either. 

Blair also says:

My guess is that Anthopoulos also knows that after seeing the value teams are attaching to their own shortstops this winter, he thinks he might be able to parlay Gonzalez into something else at the trade deadline if he has a half-decent year.

But then all the Reds were able to get form the Red Sox for him was Kris Negron, not exactly a terrific looking prospect. Anyway read the rest of his piece. 

Jordan Bastian's piece has a lot of quotes from Alex Anthopoulos:

  • we are unlikely to sign Rod Barajas but will offer him arbitration.
  • we won't be signing Marco Scutaro but again will offer him arbitration. He 'likely' has a long term contract coming from someone.
  • there will be an offer to Yorvit Torrealba soon and he isn't sold on Raul Chavez as the backup catcher.
  • Alex told Travis Snider he would 'have to make the team during Spring Training'.
  • having Gonazalez and McDonald will 'make up for having Edwin Encarnacion at third. 

I can't see how Snider wouldn't make the team, it's not like we are crawling with outfielders at the moment, but there is time before spring. I would like it if we quit playing with Snider, put him in the majors leave him there. But then Cito doesn't seem to like him all that much. You would think that if we have decided we aren't winning this year we'd show a little patience for a change. He is going to be an important part of our future, why not let him find his way.