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Without a Catcher We'll Have a Lot of Passed Balls

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With the shortstop signings of the last couple of last couple of days, the biggest pressing need for the team is a catcher. As Casey Stengel said, when asked why the expansion Mets used their first draft pick on a catcher, 'Without a catcher we'd have a lot of passed balls'. So I figured since it is the biggest shopping day of the US retail year, we'd put up a poll to see who folks thought the Jays should try to purchase.

Now some are catchers who, it is thought, their team is looking to trade (Shoppach, Buck, Pena, Doumit and Towles), the rest are free agents. Understand if you pick Miguel Olivo, I'm going to mock you, I love this post from Beyond the Boxscore.

Use the comments to campaign for the guy you like.