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Hall of Fame Poll: Roberto Alomar

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We will run a poll for each of the players on the Hall of Fame ballot over the next couple of weeks, might as well go alphabetically, so the first one is Roberto Alomar. If you want to check out his stats before you vote, look here.

He had a fine 17 year career, played for 7 teams, his 5 seasons with the Jays was his longest stint with any one team. 12 All-Star nods, 10 Gold Gloves, and an ALCS MVP and 4 Silver Slugger awards highlight the career. His batting line is .300/.371/.443, with 210 homers, 1508 runs, 1134 RBI and 474 steals.

On the All-Time lists he is 198th in batting average, 83rd in games played, 60th in at bats, 63rd in runs scored, 53rd in hits, 47 in doubles, 40th in steals and 53rd in hits. He the only thing he ever led the league in, in a single season, was runs scored in 1999 with 138 for the Indians.

He had his controversial moments, you never know how the writers are going to look on those.