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Hall of Fame Poll: Kevin Appier

I was hoping some Blue Jay news would pop up this morning, but it is pretty quiet, unless you consider Bud Selig planning to retire in 2112 news (please couldn't it be sooner?). Or that the Red Sox, Dodgers, Mariners and Rangers all have interest in Marco Scutaro. In the 'we don't know what we are talking about category Gordon Edes from ESPN Boston says:

Blue Jays having signed Gonzalez, it would seem highly unlikely that the Jays plan to offer Scutaro salary arbitration, meaning the Sox could sign him without losing draft choices.

Hey Gordon, wanna bet? If the Jays don't offer him arbitration I'd be very surprised and unhappy.

Anyway, today's Hall of Fame poll is on Kevin Appier. You can take a look at his stats here. He had a very nice 16 year career, mostly with the Royals, led the league in ERA in 1993. Here's the poll.