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Chase Utley Beat A.J. Burnett and the Yankees

Managers can't win can they. Yesterday Charlie Manuel was a fool because he didn't start Cliff Lee on short rest, tonight Joe Girardi is a fool because he had A.J. Burnett pitch on short rest. It really isn't fair, managers don't really have a crystal ball. It is impossible to know whether a pitcher will be able to handle the short rest. AJ has pitched well on short rest before but it hasn't happened often.

I take a little joy in him being thumped, maybe not as much as some, I don't really blame him for going where there was more money. I wouldn't turn down that much money if offered it either. But then I don't feel bad at all that he lost. He pitched 2 innings and 6 runs. 

Chase Utley is amazing, isn't he. Two more homers today gives him 5 in the series so far. Raul Ibanez also had a homer. Cliff Lee wasn't terrific, but was good enough. He went 7 innings and gave up 5 runs.

Phil of the Day is Chase Utley (.239 WPA).

ARod would be Yankee of the Day (.097). Suckage Yankees are AJ (-.377), Derek Jeter (-.181) and Mark Teixerira (-.101).

Game 6 is Wednesday in New York. Pedro Martinez on normal rest against Andy Pettitte on short rest. It should be interesting.