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Vernon Wells to have Wrist Surgery

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Vernon Wells is going to have surgery to repair cartilage in his left wrist, the wrist he broke back in May of 2008. Vernon never mentioned wrist pain to alibi his performance this season but I can't imagine it helped. Of course, since most of Vernon's batting troubles came off left handed pitching, I'm not sure why the wrist would cause trouble against lefties and not righties. Vernon played in 158 games this season, maybe a few days off to rest the wrist might not have been a bad idea. 

Edwin Encarnacion also is having wrist surgery to repair his left wrist, get a 'bone spur' shaved. Sounds fun doesn't it? Edwin spent time on the DL in May because of the wrist and his wrist was blamed for his poor offensive numbers though he picked it up at the end of the season.

Both players are expected to be ready for spring training.