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Team That Spends the Most Money Wins. Thrilled I Am.

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I guess they could call it a win for capitalism. I don't know how even a Yankee fan could get excited about winning when you win because you spend $67 Million more than the team that spends the second most on payroll. It would be a tough thing to get excited about. The Yankees spent $206,811,689 on players (Cotts). The next highest, the hopeless Mets at $139,102,235. When you spend 50% more than anyone else, shouldn't you win?

So have we hit the end of competitive balance? The Moneyball idea was to find what skills other teams undervalued. Team paid the big money for power, batting average and even speed but players with high on base percentages didn't get the big bucks. But now team realize that getting on base is worth paying for, especially the Yankees. So is there any ability that is under valued enough now that a team can make up the huge differences in payroll?

I really don't think so anymore. I think all teams use enough statistical tools that no skills will be undervalued enough to make up for the huge inequity in payrolls sizes. The only real hope, to me, is that the Yankees have hit the ceiling of what even they are prepared to play. We could hope that, as the players with the long huge contracts age, the Yankees won't be able to buy every good free agent that comes along to make up for the aging players. And I doubt that's true. They would pay $300 million if that is what it took.

Will there ever be a salary cap? I doubt it. The only way that would happen is if people started to stay away from game in hordes. But my understand is that TV ratings were great for the playoffs. And if people stopped coming to games it would effect small markets first and baseball would laugh off the Royals or Marlins dying off. I think we are stuck with the system as is. 

Anyway congratulations Yankees, you were able to buy a championship.