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Saturday Banterings

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There isn't all that much for Blue Jay news this morning, but before I get to what there is: I forgot to check out our World Series predictions right after it ended, likely due to sadness that the Yankees won. Looking back I see that Masterkembo was the only one to guess Yankees in 6. Good job sir. 

Two more Jays have filed for free agency. Marco Scutaro and John McDonald. I'm sure Barajas will soon do so. The Jays have exclusive rights to negotiate with them until November 20.

There is a story over at MLB Trade Rumors saying the Jays are talking to the Diamondbacks about catch Chris Snyder. Snyder had good seasons in 2007 (.252/.352/.433) and 2008 (.237/.348/.452) but had a poor year this year, fighting through a back injury. He's had surgery, but the Dbacks have Miguel Montero in the catchers spot. Arizona owes Snyder $11.25 million the next two years so they would have to cough up some money and prove he is healthy but he has some power and has the ability to get on base. Snyder will be 29 next year, so 5 years younger than Rod Barajas and, at worst, no more money than Rod would be looking for.

The baseball Winter Meetings start Monday and Alex Anthopoulos said he would be finish his 'long-term plan' for the Jays before it starts, so maybe over the weekend we will hear some of what the Jays figure to be doing over the next while. The trade rumors should be hot and heavy over the next few days.

And speaking of trade rumors, Rich Hofmann from the Philadelphia Daily News thinks the Phillies should go after Roy Halladay again. 

Maybe the new Toronto general manager values the Phillies' prospects differently. Maybe the imperatives within the Phillies' organization have changed, too. Maybe the sting of getting close and losing is worse than they imagined. I don't know. But if you asked what was the one single move the Phillies could make that would give them the best chance of beating the Yankees, that's it.

Their pitching did look awful during the World Series. Cliff Lee and hoping for 4 days of rain isn't going to get them another World Series title.

Enjoy your Saturday.